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Hello Partner,

Refer Income is kicking off this fall with a bang, and wanted to keep all our members up to date with all the new upgrades.


As you may already know has moved to You likely won't notice any other changes at all and will experience all the same features and benefits as our original site; just on a new address. We look forward to working with you and providing you with better accessibility to our full lineup of products to promote.


That is right! With the 2011 NFL Season underway, OddsMaker is currently promoting the hottest deal in the industry right now, the 100% Match Bonus for up to $1000. Our graphic department is working hard to produce new, exciting creatives to help boost your income. They have uploaded plenty of new banners (with more to come), with custom sizes for all members. Take advantage of this exclusive promotion right now!


All new and old partners: It has become a requirement for members to open a "Moneybookers" account and list it as the primary method of payment. You can continue to have checks as a method of payment, but check payouts will be issued with a $40.00 charge. Please forward your "Moneybookers" account information in order for us to process your payments.

For all other inquiries, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

More information regarding the commission structure can be viewed here:

Kind Regards
The Refer Income Team