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To Whom It May Concern,
It was a great pleasure to join John, Sam, and Paul along with the VIP players and the other affiliates in Las Vegas. The events and dinners were well thought out and organized. The dinners were absolutely amazing, these were top of the line restaurants that had unbelievable quality of food and excellent service. The dinners provided a good time to discuss some marketing ideas with the other affiliates and the organizers. The poker tournament was a great idea, as it found a fairly common interest amongst all of the VIP players and affiliates, this presented an opportune time to get to know one another. The Super Bowl Party was more than we could have ever imagined, everything was perfect, from the buffet and drinks, to the seating and entertainment, the overall atmosphere was simply amazing. It is very honorable to see a company offer such a great event to their affiliates. Neither I nor the other affiliates have ever been offered this type of treatment by any other affiliate program. I think that I speak for all the affiliates when I say that Oddsmaker did something very special and will definitely move up in the rankings for our future marketing campaigns. I personally would like to thank John, Sam, Paul, and the entire staff at Oddsmaker and ReferIncome for providing such a memorable experience for myself and my wife, it was truly amazing and we could not have asked for anything more.

Steve Ferrell

As a new affiliate of Refer Income /, I was recently invited to fabulous Las Vegas to spend my Superbowl weekend with a few of the people behind the Oddsmaker brand along with a few of their affiliates and several of their VIP players. I must say that I couldn’t have made my Superbowl weekend anymore enjoyable if I had tried. The perks of this fantastic weekend in ‘Sin City’ included; a weekend room and stay at the beautiful Aria Hotel & Casino, lavish dinners, gaming activities, and a Superbowl party that most sports fans would consider paradise. After meeting some of the good people who have dedicated a large part of their careers to this new online gaming brand, I learned a few things about them and the operation as a whole. John, Sam, and Paul all showed me that they are serious about their venture into the gaming market and are willing to do everything necessary to take to the next level. They also made it perfectly clear to me that they know how to take care of their affiliates and more importantly, their players. Not only did I have a fantastic time, but I also met some new good people in this industry that I am delighted to do business with.

Thanks again guys. You are class acts!

Lou Palumbo

I was recently invited on a special VIP and affiliate trip to Las Vegas by We had beautiful accommodations at the Aria Hotel, gourmet meals, a free poker tournament for cash prizes, a Super Bowl party that was an experience of a lifetime, and a group of great people from to enjoy it all with. As an affiliate of theirs I am looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship. Special thanks to John Ross and Sam ----------- at and Paul Roberts at ReferIncome for a great trip to Las Vegas, good guys and great hosts.

Mark W.

To ReferIncome,
I started in the gambling affiliate business in 2005, and after some bad experiences with some affiliates programs I discovered Oddsmaker, and gave it a shoot.
In no time I notice something different about this sponsor... I actually converted players and better yet OddsMaker retains...and retains the players good!
So I'm glad to say that this is my best gambling sponsor to date!
Another thing that I really enjoy at OddsMaker's is their continually improvement in the affiliate management!
Just take some time to talk to Paul, and you will see what I mean!
Well I'm in the position to say, you should give Oddsmaker a shoot!

Peace and happy conversions!

André Pedro Peixoto



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